Covid-19: IIT Kharagpur Researchers Manufacture Hand Sanitisers For Campus Employees


Kharagpur: Amidst the scarcity of sanitisers in the market, two teams of researchers from IIT Kharagpur have successfully manufactured hand sanitisers as per WHO guidelines.

The hand sanitiser manufactured by the researchers from IIT’s School of Medical Science and Technology contains isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol and water.

The team includes research scholars Atul Kumar Ojha, Ayan Gope, Anurup Mukhopadhyay, Lopamudra Das, Akashlina Basu.

Another team led by Prof Mihir Sarangi of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has also developed a hand sanitiser with 70 percent ethanol and 30 percent aloe vera gel.

Researcher Atul Kumar Ojha said, “The hand sanitisers have been made only for non-commercial purposes.”

The hand sanitisers have been made available to the employees of the institute who are working for the students and staff on the campus despite the pandemic.

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