IIT And AIIMS Alumni Develop Device To Fight Corona


New Delhi: In an attempt to contain Coronavirus pandemic, IIT and AIIMS alumni Debayan Saha and Shashi Ranjan have come up with a device named ‘Airlens Minus Corona’ to sterilise public places, which may cause the spread of the virus.

Airlens Minus Corona can travel to hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls and other public places and sterilise COVID-19 infected surfaces.

The sterilisation process includes electrifying water droplets to kill the virus. The device uses charged or ionised water droplets that can help in the oxidation of viral proteins into non-harmful molecules.

According to Debayan and Sashi, this novel technique can potentially sterilise the entire city. They have named the device Airlens Minus Corona (-Corona) because it clears up coronavirus using the electrical energy of corona – ‘Fighting Corona With Corona’.

Viruses can also be inactivated by using alcohol (such as ethanol or IPA) and alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Earlier, Debayan and Sashi had invented PM Minus 2.5 to help curb vehicular pollution and Airlens to sanitise the air inside the car.

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