IIT Madras-Supported Start-Ups Make PPE From 3D Printers, Stationery Materials


New DelhiIIT Madras backed start-ups have made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face shields and intubation boxes with 3D printers and easily available stationery materials for healthcare professionals.

Fabheads Automation, an IIT Madras-incubated start-up, made the 3D-printed face shields and intubation boxes.

The 3D printed face shields weigh less than 50 gm and use a flexible plastic frame to fit individuals without requirement of elastic bands.

Axis Defence Labs, an IIT Madras Student Start-up, made face shields using simple stationery items.

They used injection moulding, with materials which can withstand 160 degrees Celsius temperature, for sanitising using heat. The visors are made with 400 gsm skin safe virgin PET sheets, to prevent irritation from long usage.

Few batches of these PPEs have already been supplied to the frontline healthcare workers and now the start-ups are aiming for mass production to make it available at affordable rates across the country.

Speaking about the product from Axis Defence Labs, Dr. Satyanarayanan Seshadri, Faculty Advisor, Nirmaan-IIT Madras said, “This effort started out as a challenge to all our student entrepreneurs to come out with cost-effective solutions for a face shield. Mr. Sathvik Batte quickly formed a group to brainstorm various options and a ‘proof-of-concept’ prototype was developed within 24 hours. His team came up with a finished product within about 3 weeks of posting the challenge, which is incredible given the difficulties in logistics and planning in view of the lock down. This product is now available pan-India at a price point like a disposable face mask.”

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