Bihar Plans Tracking System To Curb School Dropout Rate


Patna: In a first of its kind move aimed to check the school dropout rate among children in Bihar, the state education department is set to introduce a tracking system.

At present, the dropout rate between children from primary to secondary levels is approximately 32 per cent.

Expressing concern, the state education department is preparing a system to ascertain when and how many children drop out of school, The New Indian Express reported.

Principal Secretary (Education Department) Sanjay Kumar said the system will be introduced for around 3 crore students enrolled in more than 78,000 government schools from Classes I to XII.

Kumar said the system once developed and introduced, will not only aid in tracking the dropout rate of children in schools, but also of those pursuing technical or professional education.

“It will take six months to put the system in place,” he added.

He further said once enrolled, a student’s performance can be tracked by the government till he/she graduates.

Quoting a government statistic from 2018, Kumar shared that out of over 24 lakh children enrolled in Class I, only around 4 lakh of them completed their school-level education.

Kumar also revealed that as per the education department’s research, children are more likely to drop out between Classes V and VIII.

An official said many students also drop out of school based on conveyance issues and unavailability of preferred courses.

With the introduction of a new system, parents will be notified of various schools and institutes in their vicinity so as to curb the alarming drop-out rates among children.

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