Cardiff University Sets Up In-House Coronavirus Testing Service


London: An in-house coronavirus testing service has been set up by the Cardiff University which is “strongly urging” students to use it as soon as they arrive in September.

According to the university, students would be invited to participate, but testing would be voluntary. Swansea University stated it had also considered it but decided against it on the advice of the local health board, according to BBC.

This move came after the academic union, University and College Union (UCU) said that students’ movement around the United Kingdom could lead to an “avalanche of infections”, the British public service broadcaster reported.

Cardiff University pro vice-chancellor Claire Morgan, in an email to students, set out how the Cardiff testing service would work.

She said on arrival they would be “invited to attend one of our testing stations.”

“The test is very safe and nothing to worry about,” said Morgan.

“While the test is voluntary, we would strongly urge you to participate and help to protect our Cardiff community.

Morgan also said that anyone testing positive would need to self-isolate. “If they live with others, all other household members must also stay at home and self-isolate,” the pro vice-chancellor added.

“We are working closely with the NHS to provide additional support should it be required,” she was quoted as saying by BBC.

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