COVID-19 Lockdown: Lucknow Boys’ Makeshift Classrooms At Home; Know More


Lucknow: Ashazz and Labeeb of La Martiniere College, Lucknow were sitting at home for months thanks to COVID-19 induced lockdown. The Brothers badly wanted a classroom feeling and they ended up creating one at home with support from parents.

The duo invented the concept of “HouSchool” (House+School). They have transformed two rooms of their residence as class rooms — Class 2C and Prep-E.

They wake up like normal school days every morning and take classes according to the schedule. They even carry lunch boxes and water bottles to the class rooms to make it feel like real. Recces, washroom breaks do take place too.

They attend classes, complete their assignments and submit on time. Their makeshift school commenced on July 8.

Children’s invention pleased the parents too, however, they don’t want “HouSchool” to be the new normal.

Schools and colleges throughout the country have remained closed since March, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced nationwide lockdown following the coronavirus outbreak.

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