Doctors Body Urges PM Modi To Consider Students Evacuated From Ukraine As War Victims

New Delhi: The National Medical Forum wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to consider those medical students who have been evacuated from war-torn Ukraine as war victims.

“By Geneva convention, these migrations were forced and as a result of the unfortunate war between the two countries leading to a loss of fruitful employment and living opportunities for these displaced students and thus these displaced and migrated students should be considered as War Victims,” the letter read.

“Just bringing the students from war-torn region will not help them. They are the war victims. We have to make one-time special clause for them to complete their studies,” President National Medical Forum, Dr Prem Aggarwal was quoted as saying by IANS. Dr Aggarwal said the forum will also file a petition in the Supreme Court to declare them as the war victims.

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, massive destruction and loss of lives have taken place in all the cities of Ukraine leading to the exodus of Indian medical students from that country. These students were not involved in the war but were residing in the war zone and thus were at an extreme degree of risk of hostilities, the letter further read.

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