DU Cut-Off List by October 1: Know Criteria Details

New Delhi: Delhi University (DU) is expected to release its first cut-off list by October 1. The schedule for admissions and cut-offs is expected to release this week. DU admissions for most undergraduate courses are based on Class XII merit.

Best of four

DU takes into account the ‘best of four’ subjects. The percentage of the top four scoring subjects in Class XII is considered for the admissions. This is also known as the best of four formulae.

While choosing the best of four, candidates need to select four subjects — one from language, and three best academic subjects. It must also include the subject for which the student is seeking admission.

Here is an example. If a student is applying for a BA (Honours) in a language subject, the particular subject and three other electives will be considered for the best of four. If the student has not studied a language at the qualifying examination level and is seeking admission to an Honours course in that language, a deduction of 5 per cent will be imposed on the ‘best four’ aggregate percentage.

Other honours courses

For other honours courses, one language subject and three other subjects, that must include the subject one is applying for, will be considered ‘best of four’. However, based on the specialisation of the course, students who have added the relevant subject marks of Class XII, as many as 2.5 per cent marks will be deducted from the total percentage.

There are some subjects for which candidates may not have studied the relevant course. This includes BA (Hons) applied psychology and psychology, for which psychology will be considered, for BA (Hons) social work and BA (Hons) philosophy, no specialised subject will be considered, for BA (Hons) Economics, students must have cleared math in XIIth.

For the BA programme, students can include these subjects without any deduction. If more than one non-listed subject is included for calculation of ‘best four’, there will be a deduction of 2.5 per cent each in ‘best four.’ 

For vocational subjects, one language, mathematics, and two related vocational subjects will be considered. If an applicant has added one vocational course, a two per cent advantage will be given in the ‘best of four’ while those who have studied more than one related vocational subject, they will get an additional one per cent marks added.

For BCom (Hons)/BCom, there should be one language subject and three other subjects that must include two of these —  mathematics, business mathematics, accountancy, economics, and business studies or commerce. If a student includes any other subject, apart from these, one per cent will be deducted. If a student adds another language subject, 2.5 per cent marks will be deducted.

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