DU Online Exams: Students Facing Technical Issues Can Submit Answer Sheets Via This Method


New Delhi: Several students taking Delhi University’s online open-book semester examinations (all undergraduate and postgraduate courses) have reported facing problems with uploading the answer sheets on the OBE portal. The OBE exams are being conducted in both online and offline modes since March 15.

According to an official notification by the DU, the students facing technical glitches have been allowed an extra hour after the 3+1 hours to submit their answer scripts. In case they are not able to submit answer sheets for five hours after the completion of the exam, they can send the answer sheets via email to the Nodal Officers.

The duration of the examination is four hours, out of which three hours are for answering the questions, and one hour has to be utilised for downloading the question papers and uploading the answer sheets. But if students fail to upload the answer sheets during this period, they can use additional 60 minutes.

“If a student fails to submit the scripts within this period (3+1+1), they can submit scripts via email to the Nodal Officers only after 3+1+1 hour duration and must attach the portal submission failed snapshots (4-5 attempts) during the 3+1+1 hour duration (email should be submitted within 10 min time after 3+1+1 time is over),” the DU notice said.

“It will be for the student to prove that he/she actually faced problems in uploading his/her answer sheet on the OBE portal of the university for justifiable reasons,” the notice added.

The university also said, “Answer scripts submitted through email in such exceptional cases would entail delay in result declaration.”

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