Edtech Start-Up Offers 50 Scholarships For Coding Enthusiasts; Check Direct Link To Apply


Bhubaneswar: Coding and Robotics start-up SP Robotic Works announced 50 scholarships worth Rs 5 lakh under the banner #codelikeaqueen on Thursday.

The initiative is aimed at bringing out the innate qualities of a girl child to solve real-life problems through tech and push them in the fields of advanced technology like Coding, Robotics, Machine Learning, AI etc., at an early age.

The Scholarship by the Chennai and Bangalore-based company will provide early exposure to the selected ‘coding queens’ and try to bridge the massive dearth of the skilled tech workforce in the tech industry.

“Our mission with this scholarship is not to immediately make the selected coding queens ready for tech jobs but to bridge the increasing demand gap of the industry. We also aim to highlight the difference in the ratio of men in tech to women In tech and curb this difference through encouraging girls to opt for advance technology careers in the future by providing early exposure” Co-Founder and CEO at SP Robotic Works Sneha Priya was quoted as saying by a release from the company.

SP Robotic Works is a leading online edutainment company that specialises in providing practical learning to students aged between 7 and 17 years. They train students in advanced technologies like Robotics, Coding, Drone, AI, VR, IoT and everything that promotes STEM education through AI-powered online learning platform.

Interested students can apply for the scholarship directly here

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