Govt Jobs First Preference For Job Hunters: Study


New Delhi: A study has revealed that government job remains the top priority of first-time job hunters in the country.

The employment-related survey which was released on Friday here at the 6th Annual edition of the India Education Entrepreneurship Day (IEED) event, said 92 of the first time employment seekers are unaware of online placement services.

“Through this report, our objective at MSDF is to bring some of the pressing challenges in the Indian education and employment ecosystem to the notice of policy-makers, market participants, and other key stakeholders,” said Rahil Rangwala, Program Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

The foundation organised the entrepreneurship day.

NDTV reported that 1605 students participated in the study.

It also said that 56 per cent of the respondents acknowledged that their education and vocational training were not sufficient to get a good placement.

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