Govt Planning To Disaffiliate 12 Colleges, Alleges DUTA Amid DU Shutdown


New Delhi: The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) decided to continue its “university shutdown” alleging that the Delhi government’s released funds for 12 DU colleges weren’t enough.

According to the (DUTA) Extended Executive allegations, the 12 Delhi government-funded colleges of DU are being forced to adopt a new document titled “Pattern of Assistance” in their governing bodies, via which the government is trying for options to “disaffiliate them from the Delhi University”.

The executive body, headed by Rajib Ray, said they will continue the shutdown of DU as the grants of ₹82.79 crore under salary head and ₹9.50 crore under other salaries head released on Friday will only meet requirements for payment of salaries up to January.

“The provisions of this ‘Pattern of Assistance’ are designed to redefine association of these 12 colleges with Delhi University and divest Delhi government of its funding responsibility by coercing them to gradually become self-sufficient and self-sustaining,” Ray was quoted as saying in a statement by news agency PTI.

The colleges, which were earlier referred to as “100% funded Delhi Govt. maintained colleges of DU”, have now been addressed in the document as “100 % funded Delhi Govt. sponsored college affiliated to University of Delhi”.

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