Gurugram School Bars Students From Online Classes For Not Paying Fees


Gurugram: Pathways World School in Aravali reportedly blocked several students from attending online classes for not paying fees, here on Wednesday. The district administration had to intervene to restore classes and resolve the issue.

The issue was regarding the payment of school fees during the lockdown period. Some parents had posted a message on ‘Pathways Aravali Parents’ Facebook page and alleged that the school was seeking fees till December 2020, including hidden charges.

The Facebook page also had purported communication involving the principal, teachers and the system staffs saying about disallowing few students from joining online classes.

Parent Siddhartha Ghosh said that his daughter, who is in Class XI, was among the students who were blocked from online classes.

The student came to know that she was blocked when she tried to log in to get updated about her next day’s schedule on Tuesday evening. Ghosh claimed that around 400 students were blocked from online lessons.

“It is a matter of principles. We want the school to not to charge for the services, such as transport and sports activities, that cannot be accessed during the lockdown and also provide us the break-up. As per government rules, parents are only supposed to pay the tuition fee during the lockdown,” Ghosh said.

The president of the parents’ association, Akshay Tripathi said they would now seek legal opinion on the matter.

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