Here 60% School Students Above 18 Years Are Not Vaccinated

Ludhiana: Among the government school students, only 30 per cent of students who are above 18 have been vaccinated in Punjab. According to a report in The Times of India, among 8,504 students who are over 18 years and are studying in government institutions, only 2,551 (30%) students have taken the first jab of the vaccine.

Also, not a single government school student who is above 18 years is fully vaccinated. A total of 5,953 (9.96%) students have not even taken the first dose.

In case of private schools, only 40 per cent of students above 18 years of age is fully vaccinated. There are as many as 1,555 students who are above 18 and studying in private schools.

Among them, 60 per cent have not received even a single vaccine dose. Of this, 622 (40 per cent) students have taken the first jab only and 115 students have taken both doses.

“Practice by self is really important, first parents have to get themselves vaccinated and then share about the experience with their children. Also, schools can demand certificates from such students. Even colleges and universities have made it compulsory to provide vaccine certification. In the end, we all have to convince them and educate them. If such students who are over 18 are not vaccinated, we have to push students who are above 15 really hard,” A CBSE school principal was quoted as saying by the national daily.

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