IIT-BHU Researchers Develop ‘Adsorbent’ From Rice Husk

Varanasi: The School of Biochemical Engineering researchers of the IIT-BHU have developed an eco-friendly ‘adsorbent’ capable of removing toxic heavy metal ions such as hexavalent chromium from wastewater.

The eco-friendly product has been synthesized from rice husk through several modifications, reported news agency IANS. The researchers claimed that this eco-friendly and inexpensive adsorbent rice husk is capable of cleaning the Ganga.

This work of the researchers was published in the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering.

Dr Vishal Mishra and his PhD students Veer Singh and Jyoti Singh synthsised the adsorbent and proved its effectiveness.

According to Dr Mishra, the hexavalent chromium is responsible for health issues like various types of cancers, kidney and liver failure in the human body. This adsorbent more effectively removes the toxic metal ions from wastewater in comparison with other conventional methods and, in lesser time.

This adsorbent can also easily be separated from solution and can be used for the next adsorption cycle. “The research is focused on the cost-effective, eco-friendly method for removal of heavy metal ions from water. Rice husk is easily available worldwide,” Dr Mishra was quoted as saying by the agency.

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