IIT Delhi Start-Up Develops Self-Sanitising Reusable Masks, Zero Alcohol Sanitiser


New Delhi: With the entire world severely affected by COVID-19, there’s a dire need to tackle the pandemic with innovative solutions.

responding to the need of the hour, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi start-up “Nanosafe Solutions” launched a revolutionary self-sanitizing 50 wash reusable N95 grade antiviral NSafe masks. This has come up with patented active copper (AqCureTM) infused zero alcohol sanitizer cum moisturizing lotion which can provide prolonged protection till 24 hours to all exposed parts of the body, according to EdexLive.

The researchers claim that RubSafe can deactivate most enveloped and non-enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. Also, against conventional nano silver-based sanitizing solutions, this sanitizer from Nano safe with nano copper infusion provides a much safer alternative.

Conventional alcohol-based sanitizers may be antimicrobial, but their effects last for a shorter period since alcohol has a high evaporation rate.

On the other hand, the RubSafe sanitizer, with a zero alcohol composition, can give 24-hour protection against all types of viruses and microbes.

“To date, most sanitizing solutions are infused with either alcohol, most of the time or in some cases nanosilver. And the toxicity of silver is a well-known fact. During my research years, I got to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using silver, copper, and zinc as antiviral solutions. That is when we zeroed on copper as our sanitization and antimicrobial solution,” Dr Anasuya Roy, Founder & CEO, Nano safe, was quoted as saying by EdexLive.


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