IIT Madras Inaugurates Hostel That Can Accommodate 1,200 Students

Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has inaugurated its largest students’ hostel, Mandakini, incurring a cost of Rs 146.75 crore. The hostel can house 1,200 students. All hostels on the IIT Madras campus have been named after Indian Rivers.

The ten-story building spread across a built-up area of 32,180 sqm is designed for a 4-star rating in the National rating system for Green Buildings, GRIHA, according to IIT Madras.

The newly-inaugurated hostel structure has various green building measures, which include solar panels and solar hot water system for reducing the energy consumption, said IIT Madras.

“We (the institute) take pride in providing top quality accommodation for our students within our campus,” IIT Madras Director, Professor V Kamakoti, was quoted as saying in his speech during the inaugural function by Careers360.

The hostel will utilise treated wastewater for flushing and landscaping. Both surface and roof rainwater will be reused for potable water consumption to reduce water consumption.

“The hostel was built without much delay in spite of C19 pandemic in the last 2 years and it caters to all the home and relaxation needs of the students,” Engineering Unit Chairman, Prof SA Sannasiraj, said while highlighting the unique aspects.

According to an official statement, the building is PwD (Persons with Disabilities)-Friendly with ten PwD accommodation. Staircase, Ramp and lifts are designed to be PwD friendly.

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