Law Necessary For Spending 6% Of GDP On Education: Manish Sisodia


New Delhi: A law should be made for spending six per cent of GDP on education, said Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Manish Sisodia was part of the ‘Governors’ Conference on the Role of NEP in Transforming Higher Education’ on September 7.

He said that there should be a law for spending 6 per cent of GDP on education as it is necessary to put national education policy into practice.

“This policy talks about spending 6 percent of GDP on education. It has been said in the 1968 policy as well but never implemented. A law should be made so that successive governments are bound by it and the necessary resources needed for effective implementation of the policy can be guaranteed,” Sisodia he was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

“The new national education policy lacks an action plan to implement it. The implementation of this policy should be carefully planned so that it is not limited to just a wonderful idea. Even after 73 years of independence, we hide the shortcomings of our governments by blaming Macaulay,” he was quoted.

“In the year 1968 and 1986, new education policies were formulated. Macaulay is used as an excuse to hide the failures in the implementation of those policies. Macaulay did not stop us from implementing our own education policy since independence,” Sisodia said.

He further said that the NEP 2020 talks about vocational education and about 80 per cent of the young public having an educational degree are not considered employable.

“This needs our attention. Even after completing 20 years of education, if our students are not employable then where does the fault lie? It is inappropriate to treat vocational degrees differently from an undergraduate degree in any other subject. These courses should be given equal importance, then only we will be able to reap their benefits,” the Delhi Deputy CM said.

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