National Medical Body Releases Online Education Model


Mumbai: A detailed online education model was released by the National Medical Commission on Friday to help medical college teachers to use online medium effectively for teaching, reported The Times of India.

Owing to the pandemic and students being put on COVID duty, clinical exposure for MBBS students has been lacklustre, and the module, titled ‘Online Learning and Assessment’, covers helpful online teaching strategies, online student assessment, and procedural competencies, to guide teachers to use online mediums for effective teaching.

Speaking about the importance of blending of traditional classroom teaching and online education, former KEM Hospital dean and member of the expert group Dr Avinash Supe said that a “remotely located student should have access to best of medical education” via technology and that “effective use of online learning systems is a necessity.”

He also added that depending on the pandemic situation, about 30-80 per cent MBBS students are getting clinical exposure across the country.

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