NEET 2020: Tips For Aspirants To Score More In Exam


The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is surely a big thing for any medical student. There are plenty of Indian students who opt for medical science to get into the medical profession. NEET 2020 exam is round the corner and there are many things that students are worrying about right now. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has added to their anxiety before the most crucial exam of their life, which will shape their future. With so much pressure, candidates usually lose their focus.

A total of 15,93,452 lakh candidates have applied for NEET UG 2020, according to a report published in The Indian Express in January.

The competition is surely very high as everyone will leave no stone unturned in this battle for grabbing a seat in medical colleges across the nation. Here are a few tips that can be of help:

1. Pay attention

The NEET exam consists of three sections – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is important to know the way the marks are divided and you have to study accordingly. Out of 180 questions, 90 are from Biology and Physics, and Chemistry respectively and consist of 45 marks each. The marking is negative. There are four marks for the correct answer, and for every incorrect answer, you lose one mark. You will not lose any marks if a question is not attempted. So, if you don’t know the exact answer, you can skip it. Focus on the subjects, which need more time and attention.

2. Planning

It is the most important aspect of any examination or any work we do in daily life. Without proper planning, we cannot perform a task and cannot make it better. So, planning also requires a competitive exam. You need to study the subject for more time in which you are weak and try to take the help of your teachers and experts to understand the topic better. You need to make a timetable and follow it. It will help you to cover up your syllabus easily. Study as many hours as you can but do not overdo it and take necessary breaks in between.

3. Revision

Revision is one of the best methods to score big in any examination. You have to revise the syllabus once you finish the whole subject. You can solve old papers, go through your weak concepts, and memorise all the diagrams/ formulas. As there is a time limit in the NEET exam, you are required to give the answers in a matter of a few seconds. Hence, the more you revise, the better you perform in the exam.

4. Try solving previous years’ sample papers:

This trick really works. When you solve the last few years sample question papers. It helps you to know how much you know about a particular subject and how much you have learned.
You can underline and mark all the difficult questions when you solve previous year question papers. In this way, you can go through them again during your revisions.

5. Try mock tests

Mock tests always help students to know how well prepared they are for the exam. Mock test exercises allow you to know about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s a kind of a reality check of the preparation. If you take them regularly, it will surely help you to write the exam faster and secure you a better rank.

Attend to yourself even as you prepare for your exam and do not forget to take all precautionary measures while going and sitting in an exam like social distancing, hand sanitization, and face mask
Eating the right food plan and napping at least six hours will assist your thoughts. A little meditation each day allows your mind to take into account the standards you study.


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