New Education Policy Proposes Breakfast Along With Mid-Day Meals


New Delhi: Students in government or aided schools should be supplemented by breakfasts along with the current mid-day meals, according to the New Education Police (NEP).

The NEP, which was granted approval earlier this week by the Union Cabinet, noted that a nutritious breakfast in the morning hours can be productive for the study of cognitively more demanding subjects. Hence the new policy recommended the expansion of the mid-day meal scheme to include breakfast for schools children.

“Children are unable to learn optimally when they are undernourished or unwell. Hence, the nutrition and health (including mental health) of children will be addressed, through healthy meals and the introduction of well-trained social workers, counsellors, and community involvement into the schooling system,” the policy was quoted by Hindustan Times.

“Furthermore, research shows that the morning hours after a nutritious breakfast can be particularly productive for the study of cognitively more demanding subjects and hence these hours may be leveraged by providing a simple but energizing breakfast in addition to mid-day meals,” it added.

However, there are some locations, where hot meals are not possible. In those places, a nutritious meal comprising groundnuts or chana mixed with jaggery along with local fruits can be served. “All school children shall undergo regular health check-ups especially for 100 pc immunization in schools and health cards will be issued to monitor the same,” the policy mentioned.

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