One Technical & One Medical College In Assamese Language Soon, Announces PM Modi


Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his vision is to launch at least one medical college and one technical college in every Indian state which would impart higher education in regional languages.

While addressing a gathering at the launch of ‘Assam Mala’ scheme during his visit to the state, PM Modi said that new medical colleges would help more and more doctors to reach remote areas and communicate with the locals in their vernacular languages. He promised to establish these institutions after the state assembly elections due in April.

Modi further elaborated on the plans to expand the higher education infrastructure in Assam. “One technical college and one medical college soon will be opened in the Assamese language,” the PM was quoted as saying by NDTV.

According to plans, the colleges will be built in two districts of Assam namely — Biswanath and Charaideo. Highlighting the health and infrastructure development in Assam, the prime minister said, “Until 2016 there were only six medical colleges in the state but six more were added in just five years. The number of seats in medical colleges have gone up from 725 to 1,600”.

Rs 565 crore is estimated to be the cost of the Medical College and Hospital at Biswanath while Rs 557 crore will be spent on the Charaideo facility. The facilities will have 100 seats each and will serve as a hub of medical education and also improve the doctor-to-patient ratio, the report stated.

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