Over 62% Parents Unwilling To Send Children To Schools When They Reopen On September 1


New Delhi: Over 62 per cent parents will not be sending their children to school, even if the educational institutions reopen on September 1, as per a survey conducted by LocalCircles.

The survey also revealed that 6 per cent would be willing to visit theatres in next two months while 36 per cent would be fine with taking a metro or a local train ride.

India is currently in the third phase of Unlock while the fourth phase is slated to begin on September 1, though the government hasn’t announced the guidelines as yet.

Till now, educational institutions, local trains, metro services and cinema halls have not been allowed to be open. The government had permitted gyms, hotels and restaurants to open in the third phase.

“Citizens were asked if the Government decides to restart metro/local trains from Sep 01, 2020, will they be taking them in the next 60 days. 36% answered in a ‘yes’ while 51% answered in a ‘no’. 13% were unsure about it,” the survey said.

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