Private Candidates Cannot Be Evaluated Based On Alternate Assessment Policy, Says CBSE


New Delhi: There is some bad news for private candidates of The Central Board For Secondary Education (CBSE). The Board has stated that the alternate assessment policy for Class XII is not applicable to them hence examinations must be held for them.

The decision has not gone down well with many of the private candidates since exams have been cancelled for regular students. A total of 22,000 private students have registered with the CBSE this year.

Who are private students?

Private students are candidates who used to be regular CBSE students but who had failed in their first or second attempts and are either repeating the exams or want to improve their performance. Those who are Patrachar candidates will also have to appear for the exams. Many private students have asked to be assessed based on the alternative assessment policy which is being implemented for regular students.

But the CBSE on Wednesday has stated this has to be ruled out, since neither the board nor schools have required performance records for these students, Education Tmes reported.

“In case of regular students, schools have conducted a unit test, mid-term and pre-board examination and thus the performance records of these students were available. However, in case of private candidates, no records based on which their assessment could be done without conduct of examination as done in case of regular students, is available and thus the tabulation policy cannot be implemented,” read a CBSE statement issued by Sanyam Bharadwaj, controller of Examinations. The exams for the private candidates are scheduled to be held between August 16 and September 15.

“Result will also be declared in the minimum possible time to avoid any difficulty to them in admission to higher education. The notification in this regard will be issued soon,” reads the statement. “UGC and CBSE are looking into the interest of all the students and UGC will be synchronizing admission schedule based on the result of these students as it was done by UGC in 2020,” the notification added.

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