SAI International Student Donates Piggy Bank Savings To Odisha Police Dept

Bhubaneswar: Moved by the efforts being made by the police force during the pandemic, Ishan Nayak of Class VI, SAI International School has decided to donate all his savings to the police department for their undying and dedicated service to the nation.

He has given every penny from his piggy bank to the Superintendent of Police. Ishan thinks that’s the least he can do for the cops who are braving all kinds of vagaries to be on duty during the pandemic. He has the full support of his parents too.

SAI Samaskara shapes the soul of young children from a tender age, to not just receive love but to give it back beautifully. Children who have studied here have grown up as changemakers, caring for the community and society as a whole. Holistic child-centric education provides sound guidance to imbibe good moral values among all the students.

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