SAI International Students Ace Global Standards, Excel In IGCSE & IBCP Exams

Bhubaneswar: SAI International School students have done admirably in the March series of Cambridge Assessment International Education, IGCSE Exams 2024 (Grade X), and also in CRS Class XI Board exams.

Students secured 100% results in the Cambridge curriculum offered at SAI International School, with Ishaan Mishra emerging as school topper, securing A* in 6 subjects and A in one subject.

Among other SAIoneers who excelled are Arman Swain (2A*, 5A), Soumya Prasad Nayak (4A), Soham Biswal (1A), Roshan Rabindra Sahu (3A), Deep, Narayan T (1A*,1A) and Adwait Anashwar Singh (2A).

Of those who appeared for the exams from the institution, 42% of students secured A* grades and 88% achieved A and above in various subjects.

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum at SAI International encompasses research, innovation and project-based inquiry, with subjects like Global Perspectives, Music, Art & Design seamlessly integrated with core subjects.

In the CRS Class XI Board Exams 2024, SAIoneers excelled with A+ and A grades across cutting-edge streams of Artificial Intelligence, Business Management and Sports Management.

“The IGCSE & IBCP curriculums at SAI have undoubtedly opened up ample avenues for preparing our students to be confident, responsible, reflective and innovative global leaders. We congratulate all our SAIoneers on their exceptional performance in both IGCSE & the IBCP CRS Class XI Boards and look forward to supporting their continued success,” said SAI International Chairperson Dr Silpi Sahoo.

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