‘She Can’: IIT Madras Launches Social Initiative To Empower Girl Students


Chennai: The students of IIT Madras have launched an online campaign to empower women during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating awareness about opportunities in education, upskilling and financial literacy.

Through the ‘She Can’ social initiative, which is part of the IIT Madras annual Tech Festival Shaastra, students provided career guidance counselling to over 190 girl students from schools across India, NDTV reported.

In addition, leaders in entrepreneurship interacted with around 200 college girls across the country, highlighting the multiple opportunities available for women and motivated them to follow their passion.

Sessions on financial management were also conducted for working women in Mumbai and Chennai.

According to an official statement, 58.9 per cent of the students felt that they learned about new opportunities and 59.6 per cent felt an increase in their confidence and motivation levels after the session.

Information about the ‘She Can’ campaign and upcoming events will be shared on the following social media channel at https://www.instagram.com/p/CJIdUb1Ah6Q/

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