Six Lakh Students Enrol Themselves In Andhra Govt Schools This Year


Amaravati: Following an improvement in the education standards in government schools, there was an overwhelming response to get admission in these schools. That has created a scarcity of textbooks for these schools in Andhra Pradesh, officials said.

As many as six lakh students enrolled in government and aided schools this year after the initiatives undertaken by the YSRC government to improve the facilities and standards of these schools, according to an official release, quoted by news agency ANI. The textbooks were printed on the basis of the 2019-20 data, with a five per cent buffer, but it still failed to meet the demand.

The number of students went up to 40,84,983 by November 3, 2020, who enrolled in government and government-aided schools, the release said.

“The drastic increase in the number is primarily due to lakhs of students choosing to enroll themselves in government schools over exorbitant private institutions. Most of these students got transferred during the months of November, December, January and February, i.e even after schools were reopened,” read the release.

The textbook and workbook printing was concluded by April 2020 with a five per cent buffer. The sudden rush of students for government institutions exceeded all expectations.

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