Struggling During COVID-19 Pandemic? Here Are Some Tips To Ace Your Studies


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to remain indoors as much as possible. Most activities have to be done from home.

Students have no choice now but to pursue their education from home. Studying online, however, is a completely different ball game than going to schools, colleges or universities. Some are still struggling, while a few are in the process of adapting to the new normal.

Here are a few tips on how to ace your studies during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Avoid Distractions

Mobile phone is a gadget which nobody can live without in this century. Constantly being on your mobile phone and laptop from morning to night is a waste of time. You should have a fixed schedule for studying, and must focus during that period of time by avoiding the gadgets unless you need it for a studying reference. Once you have finished your studies, you can do something refreshing like listening to music, taking a power nap, or anything else you may like.

Communicate with elders

Communicating with elders is important. Since more time is being spent at home and direct interaction with teachers is minimal, you should try to take the guidance of parents or other elders at home as they will have a better understanding and idea on a specific topic.

Power of concentration

Well, if you don’t concentrate on your studies, there is no point in studying. You should ideally not look at the watch while studying and concentrate on the topic or subject you are reading. If you find that you have exceeded the time you had allotted, it’s a good sign because it means that you have done something very thoroughly. When you feel bored or unfocused, you can take a short break, stretch yourself and have some snacks.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself after studying and working hard. If you are really satisfied with, say, a five-hour studying session in these tough times, you deserve a treat — maybe your favourite dessert, or watching your favorite web series, or just sleeping.

Reading habit

In spare time, rather than play a game on your mobile phone, read books, good informative articles. Reading keeps you hooked, enhances your knowledge and improves concentration. It also refines your vocabulary and sharpens your grammar.

Set goals

You should always set some goals and go all out to achieve them. For example, revise a maths chapter and pick a set of difficult questions to be solved in two hours. Test your level of preparation by seriously going about solving the sums. If you manage to achieve it within stipulated time, reward yourself again.

Boost studying skills

Try to utilize this time to transform yourself into a better student. Make short notes that give you an understanding of the topic which you can use when revising for a quick exercise. Try to get a grasp of your syllabus with a quick skimming.

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