Students Of SAI Schools Shine Bright In CBSE Results; Bhubaneswar Region Achieves High Pass Percentage


Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar region achieved a 92.03 pass percentage in the CBSE Class X exams, the results of which were released on Monday.

As for Class XII, 83.34% of candidates from Bhubaneswar region passed the exams.

The overall Class X pass percentage in the country rose from 93.12 in 2023 to 93.60 this year, while Class XII results saw an increase in pass percentage from 87.33 to 87.98.

The southern regions of Trivandrum (99.5% in Class X & 99.91 in Class XII), Vijayawada (99.60% in X & 99.04% in XII), Chennai (99.30% in X & 98.47% in XII) and Bengaluru (99.26% in X & 96.95% in XII) recorded the best results.

Bhubaneswar’s SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) shone brightly once again. Like every year, SAIoneers and SIRS students achieved 100% First Division results in the CBSE 2024 exams as well.

SAI International School Results

SAIoneer Sashwat Panigrahi emerged as the State topper in Commerce with an aggregate of 99.2%, while Adyasha Syam (99%) was best in Odisha in Humanities stream. Himanshu Agarwal, with 98.6%, topped the charts in school in Science stream.

While 100% candidates of SAI International secured more than 60%, 21.4% of students got above 95% of marks, 46.2% scored more than 90% and 92.7% secured over 75% marks.

In the Class X Board exam, SAIoneer Shagun Samantrai emerged as one of the state toppers with 99.4%. Anushka Mallick stood second in the school securing 99%, while the third spot was shared by Trisha Patra, Janhavi Mishra, Sudiksha Rout and Syed Ayaaan Ali (98.8% each).

100% of Class X students secured more than 60%, 36.12% of students got over 95% of marks, 67.22% secured above 90% and 94.18% scored more than 75%.

SIRS Results

In the Class XII Board exam, all students at SIRS secured more than 60%, 36.4% of students got more than 90% marks and 84.5% students more than 75%.

Suryanshi Singh was the school topper with an aggregate of 98% in Commerce, Anjeleena Verma was best in Humanities stream with 97.6% and Khushi Sharma topped with 95.2% in Science.

In the Class X Board exam, every student scored above 60%, 84.6% of students got above 75% and 38.67% surpassed the 90% mark.

The top spot in Class X was secured by Samaira Angel with 98%, Omm Prakash Sahoo (96.4%) was second and Jayesh Agrawal (96.2%) third.

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