Supreme Court Rejects One-Nation-One-Syllabus Plea; Says ‘Backs Already Breaking’


New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a plea for ‘one nation-one syllabus’ by advocate Ashwini Upadhyaya. Adding, the Court said that the backs of students are ‘already breaking’ under the weight of heavy bags.

Advocate Upadhyay, a spokesperson of BJP, had filed public interest litigation (PIL) seeking directions for equal education with a standard syllabus and curriculum for all children aged between 6-14 years across the country. He urged the court to direct the government to set up a National Education Council and merge education boards such as the CBSE and the CISCSE so as to have a common syllabus.

Upon hearing, the three-judge bench, led by Justice DY Chandrachud rejected the ‘one-country-one-syllabus’ theory by saying he cannot use the judicial forum to enter the domain of education policy.

According to media reports, Justice Chandrachud questioned Upadhayay stating, “Our children already have such heavy bags. Their backs are already breaking with this weight. Why do you want to put some extra weight?”

Upadhayay also demanded the introduction of standard textbooks with chapters on fundamental rights, duties, directive principals and the Preamble.

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