Breaking Shackles In India: Misconceptions That Have Been Busted In Recruiting The Perfect Employee

Ranchi: Time is not only the best healer but also the biggest teacher. With the passage of time, one learns, commits mistakes and grows. Recruiters have been through such a journey as well and the process of choosing a candidate for a job has undergone much change.

While the marksheet may still be the entry pass, but that’s not the only criterion to catch a recruiter’s attention. Following are some of the misconceptions which have been busted:

Applicant Must Have Certain Traits

Recruiters earlier believed that a suitable applicant must possess a list of characteristics to make the cut. However, that is no more the case. For example, if you are into sales and yet not an extrovert but good at making professional conversations, you need not get disheartened. You have a chance to prove your worth.

Good Academics Matter The Most

The most important misconception that has been shattered is that your marks speak of your calibre. Marks do matter, but what matters more is your potential, your attitude to grow, your sincerity and genuine interest in the work you do. If you can prove that you deserve the work, marks won’t be a hindrance. That’s what recruiters have realized. After all, 3 Idiots wasn’t lying!

Mistake On The Resume Is A total NO-NO…

…Well, unless you are hiring for the role of a proofreader. Applicants are human beings, too, and an odd typo shouldn’t be the criterion to reject an applicant.

Gaps In Academic or Professional Year Is A Sin

As per recent trend, it has been noticed that recruiters aren’t dwelling on the ‘why’ part of the gap in years in an applicant’s resume. Of course, they might ask the reason, but that doesn’t become a hindrance in your path to get selected. But you’ve still got to show your worth to earn the job.

A Recruiter’s Job Is To Find The Perfect Employee

It may sometimes happen that a candidate is perfect for a role but the company isn’t perfect for the candidate. In such a scenario, the candidate is bound to switch jobs. This isn’t a recruiter’s failure. Their job is to do their best in finding the most suitable candidate for the job and the company.

Recruiters Aren’t Friendly

That’s mostly a thing of the past as well. In present times, the recruiter will be your guide through the interview as that will make the process mutually beneficial. So, the Hitler mode has been shed by them, recruiters are the new generation ‘Aladin ka Chirag’.

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