Class VIII Student From Odisha Invents Guiding Specs For Deaf & Blind

When intelligence and thoughtfulness come together, the output can sometimes be a wonderful invention that transverse human limitations.

Priyabrata Sahoo, a Standard  VIII student, who takes immense interest in scientific things, has proved it by inventing glasses with special features that will help not only the blind but also those people who are both deaf and blind.

The idea came to young Priyabrata’s mind when he noticed that the visually-impaired persons of his village often wore dark glasses which did not serve them any purpose. He decided to do something about it. He put in efforts towards coming up with a solution and the result was guiding sensor glasses for the visually-impaired.

“I saw some blind persons wearing black glasses while going around, but the glasses were of no use to them so I thought of coming up with glasses that will benefit them,” said the young inventor.

“I have made two glasses. The first kind comes with ultrasonic sensor and buzzer, which is for the blind. The second type of glasses come with ultrasonic sensor, buzzer and vibrator motor, which is for persons who are both deaf and blind,” Priyabrata said.

“I want to upgrade the glasses by adding GPS motor and speaker to them. The glasses will then be connected with Google Maps and will be voice-controlled. Once a person enters an address, they will be guided to it automatically,” he added while explaining his future plans.

He also said with encouragement he will be able to add more features to the devices, which will benefit the disabled immensely.

Priyabrata is a student of Prahallad Chandra Brahmachari High School at Adanga, Purushottampur in Jajpur district. His school has Atal Tinkering Laboratory, funded by the central government and Niti Aayog and Priyabrata spends a lot of time in the laboratory experimenting on various things.

“Our student Priyabrata likes to work in the tinkering lab, even on Sundays,” said the school’s science teacher Tushar Kanti Mishra.

“One day he came to me and asked, sir the visually-impaired people wear black glasses that don’t help them in any way. Can something be done for them with the help of our laboratory. I agreed with him and he started working on it following discussions and reading on it. Then, he asked me one day, if anything extra can be added to it for people who are both deaf and blind? He went on to read on it and came to learn about vibrator motor,” Mishra informed the media while speaking on how things unfolded.

The principal of Priyabrata’s school Jitendra Panda and the science teacher were happy at their student’s determination and achievement. They hope that if Priyabrata get access to a better laboratory and government aid, he will be highly encouraged and go far in his endeavours.

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