Don’t Charge Anything Extra Other Than Tuition Fee: Delhi Govt Orders Private Schools


New Delhi: The Delhi government directed the private and unaided schools on Monday to not charge any additional fees other than tuition fees.

The government, on April 17 and 18, had directed the same and in the fresh order, it asked private/unaided schools to maintain the status quo.

“All the private unaided recognised schools have directed no fees, except tuition fees will be charged from the parents during the lockdown period. Annual and development charges can be charged from the parents on a pro-rata basis and only on a monthly basis after completion of the lockdown period,” the Delhi Education Department’s order to the private school read.

“In no case, the schools shall demand and collect the above-mentioned fees from the parents or students on a quarterly basis. This means that the fees will be collected on a monthly basis only,” the order added.

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