Fixing Ozone Layer & Reducing Climate Change: Sensitisation Programme At Berhampur University

Berhampur: A sensitisation programme on ‘Montreal Protocol: Fixing the Ozone layer and reducing Climate Change’ was held at the Berhampur University to make the students aware about the industries and their association with the environment.

Speakers at the session, organised by State Pollution Control Board Regional Office, Berhampur and coordinated by Berhampur University Department of Environmental Studies and OSCOM, IREL (India) Ltd, stressed on reducing vehicular pollution and CFC usage for ensuring a better environment.

Chairman Berhampur University PG Council chairman Prof. SK Baral, Regional Officer of State Pollution Control Board Berhampur Deepak Kumar Sahoo, Unit Head IREL (India) Ltd OSCOM CVR Murthy and Environmental Studies BU head of department Dr B Anjan Kumar Prusty addressed the students.

Delegates from Grasim Pvt. Ltd Ganjam, Gopalpur Port Pvt. Ltd and United Spirits Pvt. Ltd, faculty members and students of Department of Environmental Studies BU attended the programme.

Deepak Sahoo pointed out that India has played a pivotal role in the recovery of ozone layer and is a major contributor in implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Murthy spoke about the association of industry and academia for wholesome productivity, and laid emphasis on the fact that any of these sectors will become handicapped with the lack of its counterpart.

He also invited the students to attend an internship programme in the industry sector for a better understanding of this mutualistic relationship.

Prof. Baral urged students to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Dr Prusty started his address with an invitation to all officials from the industry and assured them of willingness to collaborate for providing technical services and student placements, etc. He dwelled on the theme of the programme, and discussed the international treaties governing the phasing-out of ozone depleting substances (ODS), and the role of citizenry.

PK Mishra, from IREL, discussed free radicals and their availability in atmosphere to produce ozone. He also spoke about rare earths and their utilisation in Green Energy production.

Suchismita Patnaik, from Grasim Industries, emphasised on measures to make our immediate surroundings environment-friendly.

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