Have You Been Using This Fake Job Portal To Seek Jobs Across India and Abroad? Check Details


Bhubaneswar: Odisha Crime Branch has issued an advisory cautioning the state police about a fake job website that has been duping youths of the state on false promises of providing employment in IT sectors in India as well as abroad, according to an Odisha TV report.

Addressed to the Deputy Commissioners of Police in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, Superintendents of Police in all the districts, the Crime Branch in its advisory informed that a website  ‘https://www.shinejob.tech’ has been fooling youngsters with job opportunities. The website is run by some fraudsters on a German IP Protocol.

The Crime Branch (CB) also explained the modus operandi of the cyber fraudsters. It has asked the police department to take precautionary measures and create awareness around their areas to prevent job seekers from falling prey to the scam.

The Crime Branch also said that the website has different web pages. Whenever a user accesses the website for job, they are directed to a web page which requires them to submit their identity details, credit card details and CVV number. The website also charges Rs 10 for applying for jobs.

“Further the user is redirected to the web page, where the job seeker will be asked to submit PayTM pin. However, at the end the website shows payment gateway error,” said a Crime Branch official.

In the process, the fraudsters get the details of the users and hack the ATM card and CVV numbers to withdraw money from their accounts, alerted the Crime Branch.

The Crime Branch has also pointed out certain precautionary measures to be followed when accessing this type of website through an advisory:

“Do not blindly trust the URL of any website, because a little change in the alphabet in domain appears as original. VERIFY THE DOMAIN name from friends or person having knowledge about its genuineness. DO NOT GIVE financial details i.e. ATM Card/Credit Card number, CVV number, PayTM PIN number, as it is not asked anywhere.

User must check that the payment page must be UPI (PayTM) based page, when he is redirected for payment.

Always have doubt in mind, when the registration charges to be paid are very less like Rs 10,” said the advisory.

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