High Court Of Karnataka To VTU: Reconsider Possibility Of Online Option For Special Exams


Bengaluru: The High Court of Karnataka on Thursday directed the Visvesaraya Technological University (VTU) to reconsider the feasibility of holding online examination as an option in addition to offline examination for the students while attempting the examination at least in the special chance.

According to a Livelaw report, the University has been asked to take note of suggestions from students and also opinion to the extent possible, take assistance and counseling from experts regarding technical requirements and take an appropriate decision.

“University should keep in mind that the final exam would have a great impact on the students’ future prospects. It is expected to explore all grievances made by students with all seriousness”, observed a bench of Justice Sunil Dutt Yadav.

“It is to be noticed that in any decision taken, the interest of students should be of foremost consideration. In these times of Covid-19, pandemic it is expected whatever technological solutions available should be explored”, the bench said reportedly.

The bench added that “As the current exam would come to an end by 15/09/2020, the time that is available to university to reconsider will also be sufficient.”

The University is to place on record its decision on the next date of hearing on September 25. The Court has further directed the appointment of a Grievance Redressal Officer to deal with the complaints of the students regarding the exams.

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