Holistic Learning For Students Of Bhubaneswar Schools At 9-Day SAI Repertoire Event

Bhubaneswar: SAI Repertoire, an initiative which combined fun and learning, concluded on March 20.

Organised by SAI International Education Group, the nine-day programme brought together students from Playgroup to Class IX across schools in and around Bhubaneswar.

The aim was to provide students a holistic learning experience integrating technology, sports, language, art and etiquette to nurture essential skills for the 21st century.

Activities at SAI Repertoire were designed to encourage a wide range of interests and developmental areas among children.

Experts from Skill Live conducted a workshop ‘Jumpstart Espanol’, offering engaging Spanish language and cultural lessons. Another session called ‘Ideate Hub’ was led by The Bang Labs Design Studio, focusing on creative problem-solving through design thinking and promoting innovation and collaboration.

Boys and girls engaged in skating and squash to promote physical fitness and resilience, while Bhutanese, Mexican and tribal art & craft sessions encouraged creativity and critical thinking. Rhythmic tribal dances fostered cultural appreciation and collaboration skills.

Workshops on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provided insights into cutting-edge technologies, while sessions of ‘Innovations in Motion’ provided immersive experience of hands-on scientific experiments.

The event also included sessions on storytelling, refined dining etiquette and social skills.

“As exams drew to a close and students yearned for a breath of refreshment after the academic rigor, SAI Repertoire ushered in as a wave of rejuvenation for students from various schools in the city. It was not just limited to SAI but also included participants from other schools, making great use of the session hiatus before the new academic session started. They focused on their skill development and explored their inherent talents and inclinations during this enriching endeavour,” said SAI International Chairperson Dr Silpi Sahoo.

The programme culminated in a Valedictory Ceremony on Wednesday, where participants showcased everything they had learned over nine days.

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