ICSE Semester 1 Specimen Papers Re-Uploaded; Paper Pattern Changed For Nov Class X Exam

New Delhi: ICSE Board has re-uploaded the Specimen Papers of certain subjects with some major changes in the paper pattern, after realising the issues pointed out by some teachers recently. The Specimen Papers are re-uploaded (replaced with previous pdf) a few days ago on the Publications section of cisce.org. Specimen Papers for ICSE Class X and ISC Class XII were originally uploaded/ announced on August 26, 2021, ANI reported.

English Paper 1 (English Language) and H.C.G. Paper 1 (History & Civics) Specimen Papers are the two subjects, where these Semester 1 paper changes are majorly made. But there is no official notification issued by ICSE Board regarding the same on the website. This is why, the majority of students and teachers are unaware of these changes, and students could be practising from the old paper pattern for these subjects, the report added.

English Language– Changes

(to be held on November 15, 2021)

1. MCQs type changed

In the original Semester 1 Specimen Paper of English Language (Paper 1), MCQs were carrying 0.5 mark, 1 mark, 2 marks and 5 marks each.

However, in the updated Specimen Paper uploaded later, the weightage of MCQs is changed completely to 1 mark each. All 0.5 mark, 2 and 5 mark MCQs are now removed.

This changes the paper pattern for English Language completely and ICSE experts have also provided a revised Sample Papers Book in collaboration with Educart, with these 1 Mark MCQs paper pattern updated (made available especially for accurate final practice of Semester 1 Boards).

Differences in Old and New Version of English Language Specimen Paper Uploaded

2. Total number of questions and internal options changed

According to the original Specimen Paper, students had to answer 38 MCQs (of different marks weightage) with 3 options to choose from. In the updated Specimen Paper of English Language, there are 40 MCQs (1 mark each) to answer in total with 4 options now.

Again, for accurate final practice, the sample papers book provided with this after these changes were announced should be seriously considered now in these last 4 weeks.

Change in marks weightage of different MCQs in ICSE English Language Specimen Paper


(to be held on November 18, 2021)

1. MCQs type changed

The original Semester 1 Specimen Paper of History & Civics included 1 mark and 2 mark MCQs. The updated Specimen Paper carries 1 mark MCQs each (all compulsory).

Differences in Old and New Version of History & Civics Specimen Paper

2. Total number of questions and internal options changed

In the original version of History & Civics Specimen Paper, there were 32 MCQs to answer within an hour whereas according to the updated Specimen Paper, there will now be 40 MCQs in total.

Change in marks weightage of different MCQs in ICSE History & Civics Specimen Paper

There is still a lot of confusion amongst students on the way exams will be conducted (at home vs centres). To top it up, these unexpected changes just 5-6 weeks before exams start are worrisome.

Students refer to these provided ICSE Sample Paper Books to practice these latest changes MCQs

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