IIT-BHU Scientists Develop Low-Cost Method To Purify Water

Varanasi: The IIT-BHU scientists have developed a system to remove toxic substances from water by the use of ash made from teak and neem wood.

The method is not only eco-friendly, it is inexpensive too and can also be adopted to purify Ganga water apart from reducing the cost of ROs while keeping intact minerals in the water.

IIT-BHU assistant professor of biochemical engineering, Vishal Mishra and his team have made two types of adsorbent from the ashes of teak wood sawdust and neem stalk. It separates the harmful metals, ions from the water that can be made potable, reported news agency IANS.

According to Mishra, in recent years adsorption has been considered inexpensive and more effective rather than other chemical techniques. It is effective in preventing water-borne diseases at a low cost.

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