JNU Witnesses Sharp Spike In Legal Expenses From 2016 To 2020


New Delhi: The legal expenses of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have escalated since 2016. According to the Delhi High Court website, the number of cases filed against the university in HC is higher than the previous years.

As per Delhi HC data, from 2016-20, 183 cases were filed against the JNU administration, averaging 37 cases per year, which is four times the average in 2011-15. At that time, the total cases were 47, averaging 9 cases per year.

The total number of cases filed (disposed or pending) against JNU was 28, 24, 52, 59, and 20 from 2016 to 2020 respectively while the number was 7, 3, 12, 14, and 11 from 2011 to 2015 respectively, as per Delhi HC data.

The teachers and students of JNU were having problems with the administration since 2016 due to many issues like disciplinary action, recruitment of faculty, and appointments of deans and chairpersons etc.

The Executive Council (EC) meeting was held on September 7, where JNU allotted an additional fund of Rs 30 lakh after it was reported that the originally issued amount of Rs 9.40 lakh set aside for legal expenses had been spent.

The agenda item for the EC read, “Legal Cell of the University has been allocated Rs 9.40 lakh… to meet charges of University Legal Counsels. Out of the above amount, Rs 9.39 lakh has already been spent towards payment of legal counsels,” read the agenda item of the EC, reported The Indian Express.

It further stated, “A large number of bills raised by the impaneled University Legal Counsels during the current financial year amounting (around) Rs 18 lakh are pending with the Legal Cell. Additional funds of Rs 30 lakh may be allocated to clear pending bills and cater to future requirements during this financial year.”

Also, the Executive Council had approved a fund of Rs 30 lakh in the meeting.

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