Online Searches For Teaching Job Sees 41% Jump In 3 Years: Read More


Teaching jobs are high in demand these days. Gone are times when the best and the brightest ignored this noble profession for better avenues elsewhere.

Leading job portal Indeed India has reported that there has been a 41 per cent jump in job searchers during the last three years for teaching positions. It said that during 2018-19, growth in searches for teacher jobs remained as high as 40 per cent.

What has led to the growth:

According to a report in People Matters, the growth has been fuelled by the exponential growth in the online teaching space.

“The growth of e-learning and online teaching roles will only further the growth of teaching as a profession,” managing director of Indeed India Sashi Kumar told People Matters during an interaction.

In 2016-17, the portal said, there was an 11 per cent dip in job seekers aspiring to take up teaching roles. But since then, demand for teaching and teachers has seen a steady rise as online space has opened up new vistas for them. They see a better future in this medium, the reach, the fulfilment and the perks.

The average online tutor salary in India currently, People Matters said, stands at around Rs 4.80 lakh to Rs 9.25 lakh per annum. The salary of a regular teacher, in comparison, remains in the band of Rs 2.19 lakh to Rs 5.88 lakh per annum.

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