Some Computer Courses That Can Fetch Jobs

Bhubaneswar: A degree in computer science engineering can land one job in most cases. But to acquire a degree a candidate needs to go through the grinds in terms of entrance examinations. The candidates, who fail to qualify in the entrance exams or don’t want to go through the hectic process, have options to learn various computer courses on offer to latch on to a respectable job.

As India is growing fast in the field of IT (Information Technology), let’s list out some courses that can fetch jobs even in this age of high unemployment.

Web Designing

Besides getting job offers on completion of this course, web designing is a brilliant opportunity for those who want to work independently. The courses in web designing deal with various elements of site making and maintenance. It consists of learning coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript and many more.

Several private institutes teach this with most of these courses lasting 1 year (professional web designing). The candidate is awarded a diploma certificate on completion of the course. There are short courses available too.

VFX & Animation

Courses in VFX and animation deal with visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics, etc. This course has now become popular due to the increased demand of VFX and Animation professionals. There are a number of good-quality private institutes that teach animation courses.

Hardware & Networking courses

Indian students are well aware that these courses guarantee jobs, provided one completes the course from a recognized institute. After finishing this course successfully, one may easily find jobs in the IT industry. With this knowledge, one can also start a small business.

Software & Programming Language courses

One must learn programming languages like Java, C++ etc to develop software. Software developers are in huge demand in IT companies these days. This course makes it easier for a candidate to find placement.

Cybersecurity courses

Almost everything can be done online these days. Banking, paying bills, shopping, etc are done online for convenience. However, at the same time, there are plenty of security threats online.

The Cybersecurity courses teach one the methods to ensure the safety of people and businesses online. On completion of this course, one may get hired as a ‘security specialist’ of the computer systems. A candidate may also seek to work independently as an ethical hacker or security auditor.

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