Google Rolls Out New Features to Assist Students With Homework; Know More


Ranchi: Tech giant Google on Wednesday announced its plans to roll out several new educational features to make virtual learning easier.

These new features include an ‘Education Mode’ in Google Lens that lets students click a picture of the problem and offer solutions to it. On the other hand, for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) homework, students can use Google Search that will connect them to potential explanations, providing a step-by-step breakdown for complex math equations and detailed information about underlying concepts, reported the NDTV.

The new features are a part of the company’s mission of Google for Education project called The Anywhere School. Under the mission, Google has brought over 50 new features across Meet, Classroom, G Suite, and other products.

“Students will now be able to visualize STEM concepts; they can see 3D content on Search for around 100 STEM concepts using compatible Android and iOS devices. For example, if students want to search for ‘Quantum mechanical model,’ they can view a 3D atom up close and use augmented reality to bring it into space,” stated Google’s blog post where the announcement was made.

“At Google, we’re honoured to work on tools that lighten the load for teachers, school leaders, families, and especially the students who have navigated learning from home with grace and resilience,” the company said.

Google had recently introduced Family Bell available via Google Assistant, an alarm-like feature to help families set alarms to manage school from home. It also has a Read-Along app that lets students practice reading in their own voice.

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