Ways for Students to Stay Sane During COVID-19 Pandemic; Read Here


Several students across the nation are facing difficulties to deal with the ongoing pandemic. With careers at stake, many students are suffering from anxiety and depression.

However, a fair share of students are trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. So, in this article, we are trying to help students with ways to keep sane and optimistic in these scary times.

1. Do your homework:

This may sound boring to a few students, but this is the best way to keep yourself busy to avoid low thinking. You can set up virtual study groups with your friends and if possible, you can visit nearby friends of yours taking all precautions and study together. Keep in touch with your teachers to take help. Create new assignments and do it by yourself.

2. Look for internships (Higher class students):

While many companies are not hiring, still you can lend yourself for an internship. This will help you to work and stay away from unwanted thoughts. This way one can also earn some money. There are few sites like Internshala, LinkedIn etc where you can find a suitable internship for yourself.

3. Try to sleep well:

The biggest problem with today’s generation is that they spend a lot of time on social media and end up sleeping less than required. It is extremely important to sleep well. You will be in a good mode after adequate sleep. Keep using your phone till late night is not an ideal way to keep yourself healthy.

4. Connect with your friends:

Many of you got separated from your friends during this lockdown. Having your best friend by your side can help a lot. You need to discover ways to stay connected with them and avoid any kind of isolation and experience symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. So thus it becomes necessary to contact your buddies.

5. Don’t hesitate to seek help:

You don’t have to go through anything or suffer in silence or alone. There are a number of professional help that you can get if you find you are having a difficult time coping with these major changes. Talk to your parents, brother, sister and school counsellors, etc for guidance. Communication is the best way to get out of problems, so speak out and you will feel better.

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