Allahabad University Issues Online Exam Guidelines; Check Details Here


New Delhi: The University of Allahabad (AU) has issued online exam guidelines on Sunday, March 28. The undergraduate and postgraduate semester examinations will begin on April 3.

The exams slated to be conducted online will be of three-hour duration. Students will get an extra 30 minutes to submit the answer sheets online.

The submission window will be kept open for the students to upload their answer papers after 90 minutes from the beginning of the exam. “The answer scripts must be uploaded on portal, and no other mode will be accepted,” the AU guideline on online exams read.

The Guidelines

  1. Students have to use A4 size paper, write only on one side of the paper and number the paper as 1/12, 2/12, 3/12….12/12. Students are allowed to use upto a maximum of 12 pages only
  2. Only four questions need to be answered. New answer has to be written in a new page
  3. After completion, students need to scan the answer scripts, convert them into a single PDF and upload it on the varsity portal
  4. Allahabad University has recommended the use of Microsoft Office Lens, Microsoft Office, Adobe or any other scanning software to scan the answer sheets
  5. Name of the PDF should be in the format — “AU_Roll Number_Paper Code”
  6. Students should write the class, name of subject, paper, paper code, roll number, enrollment number, date and paper name on the top of all the pages of the answer scripts
  7. In addition to the two-hour duration to write the answers, students will be given an additional 30 minutes to download the question paper and upload the answer scripts

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