Cracking English Olympiad: Here’s All You Need To Know

The Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the English Olympiad with the primary objective of aiding students to master the language and communication skills. The English language has been recognized as a global language due to its universal acceptance. The key to a successful future is excellent communication skills and hence, students are required to be proficient in English language.

The English Olympiad is conducted for students from Classes I to X. Students can register individually or through their respective schools. It is conducted annually as well as monthly. The Annual exams are conducted in the months of December and February. Students who wish to participate in the Olympiad exam can do so by registering themselves through the website. The English Olympiad is conducted in an online mode and students are expected to answer 50 multiple choice questions within a time limit of 45 minutes.

Students should be encouraged to have a good command over the language. Speaking as well as writing skills are considered to be equally important. Being the universal language that it is, the English language acts as an effective tool to earn great opportunities in the future. It helps students boost their confidence and allows them to participate in various co-curricular activities actively.

Students will be prepared to voice out their opinions without being worried about their communication skills. The English Olympiad helps students to sharpen their grammar, sentence structuring, comprehension, parts of a speech, etc. It helps them to improve their writing skills. It helps them to learn new words regularly. Students are expected to write all internal and external exams in English; hence, it is essential that they master the language.

Students should not limit themselves to school exams. They should work towards holistic development. They should develop various skills by taking part in debates, quizzes, essay writing competitions, spell bee, etc. Such competitions broaden their perspectives and helps them to gain additional knowledge. These activities help students to start thinking and forming their opinions and thus, boost their confidence.

The English Olympiad is an excellent platform for students to develop and improve their communication and language skills. English is considered to be the most important in the field of education since most of the researchers, writers, scientists, etc. communicate in English. Students who are well-versed in the English language have the upper hand as they would have access to great books, websites and other resources which are written in English.

The English Olympiad tests concepts such as adjectives, adverts, modal verbs, capitalization, substitution, prefix, suffix, pronouns, tenses, spellings, participles, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning. It prepares students for various competitive exams as well as higher education. It helps them to learn new words and improve their vocabulary

Students who wish to pursue their higher education are required to write separate entrance exams for English language. IELTS and TOEFL are such exams which judge the English language skills of students. In order to secure an admission in universities abroad, students need to prove that they have an excellent command over the English language. It is also one way to prove that the student will be able to cope up with the foreign faculty and interact with other students from various other countries.

Students are required to give interviews while applying to such universities or even for internships or jobs. Most of them require students to write their Statement of Purpose. These are meant to judge the English speaking and writing skills of the students. Hence, students need to be able to write and speak English flawlessly. Grammar is very crucial and cannot be neglected.

In order to help students, the Indian Talent Olympiad offers workbooks and Monthly Olympiads. They have also laid down the syllabus to be covered for each class. Students are expected to practice regularly using these Workbooks. It helps them to understand the pattern of questions that would be asked in the Annual exams. It is an effective tool to help them learn new words and to improve their sentencing, grammar, comprehension and word power. It helps them to gain conceptual clarity.

It is suggested that students should utilise Monthly Olympiads as well as the Sample test papers in order to improve their performance. The paper is generally divided into three sections which are: Subjective, High Order Thinking and Logical Reasoning. In order to master the English language, students require continuous practice. These practice test series help them learn from their mistakes and assess their own performance constantly.

English is also considered to be of crucial importance in securing a job. English is used extensively all over the world, in every industry. Hence, those students who can communicate in English are preferred. Various professions work with people from all over the world. Therefore, English is a must and students should master the language from a young age. While travelling to other countries for high education or for jobs, English being the universal language, offers a great helping hand.

True learning is when students have achieved holistic development and are able to form and express their own opinions. The English Olympiad serves as an excellent platform for students to engage in healthy competition nationally and internationally and prepare themselves for their future. The English language acts as an effective means of communication in helping students achieve their goals. Hence, students should ensure that they become proficient in the English language.

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