Done With Your Graduation? Here’s How To Divert Your Career In Right Direction Amid Pandemic


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed everything for everyone. In a normal middle-class family, nothing is the same as the last so many years.

Many freshers had secured internships or post-graduate work that have now been cancelled or offers revoked. There are lakhs of students graduating this year, with hopes of better future and career. But then the question arises in students’ minds: Who will hire us? How is our career going to shape in this pandemic?

In this article, we will try to present several ways for a large number of graduating students who are looking for ways to upskill or are thinking of entering the job market.

1. Be clear what you want:

This time is extremely sensitive, you need to be very clear about thoughts and career choice. As there are few jobs right now because of obvious reasons, you need to stick to one goal or your priority. Running behind every other job can confuse you and you may end up with nothing.

2. Learn:

In times of the pandemic, you also need to constantly learn, unlearn and re-learn. If you have the right qualification, it will open doors but won’t be able to define success or failure. You should learn new things regarding your career choice. Enhancing skills is the best practice and it will help you land a good job. Nowadays skills matter more than your academic marks.

3. Utilise your social media:

The best thing you can do is to utilise your social media handles, as you may find something there. There are plenty of websites that you can visit for job-related opening. You can register on LinkedIn, Shine and Glassdoor for suitable opportunities. They will notify you with recent openings regarding your choice of career.

4. Do your research

It is very important and necessary for you to do proper research on the organisation you are applying in. It will provide you with the confidence to ask questions about the organisation. It will also help you find out the work culture.

5. Rejection is OK

There will be time, especially in this pandemic, that a company rejects you. You don’t need to lose heart as it’s not necessary that you get a job in the first attempt. Without being disheartened you should take feedback and continue to learn and invest in yourself. These rejections will help you understand what you need to improve on and bounce back.

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