IIMC Delhi Invites Research Papers To Commemorate 100 Years Of Media Education In India


New Delhi: To commemorate 100 years of media education in India, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi, has invited research papers to commemorate 100 years of media education in India. The institute will bring out the April-June issue of its journal Communicator as a special issue, NDTV reported.

“Many milestones have been created during the 100 years of media journalism education which bears the testimony of 10 decades of development in the channels of communication from folk, print to online media. Research papers are invited from eminent media professionals, communicators, academicians….” the institute said.

Papers are to be sent to Professor Virender Kumar Bharti, head of the department of publications and editor of the journal, on or before May 15, the report added.

Topics for the research papers are:

  1. Journey of Media Education in India: A Paradigm Shift in Communication.
  2. Media Education in India: Evolution to Revolution.
  3. Media Education in India and South Asia.
  4. Indianisation of Media Education.
  5. Media Education: Myth or Reality.
  6. Challenges and Opportunities in Media Education.
  7. Media Education at Crossroads.
  8. Media Education: Need of 21st Century.
  9. Gaps in Media Education.
  10. Heroes of Media Education.
  11. Communication Education vs Media Education.
  12. Media Education through Open Universities.
  13. Journalism and Media Education through Media Houses.
  14. Impact of Media Education in Regional Languages.
  15. Media Education for Consumers, Producers and Policymakers.
  16. Role and Impact of Media Education.
  17. Impact of Digital Learning in Media Education.
  18. Multidisciplinary Approach in Media Education.
  19. Collaboration with Institutions for Academic Excellence in Media Education.
  20. Future of Media Education in India.
  21. Pioneer Media Educational Institutes in India.
  22. Media Faculty Training Mechanism.
  23. Uniformity of Media Course Curriculum Shaping Professionals.
  24. Role of Media Education in Empowering Women.
  25. Impact of Media Education in Reaching Unreached.
  26. Societal Change through Media Education.
  27. Publications in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  28. Papers on Development, Cultural, Education, Religion, Health, Entertainment, Cinema, Radio, TV and such other issues emerged during the journey of 100 years of media education.

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